Questions to Pose to a Pool Contractor

Keith Kosco

April 27, 2022



According to Keith Kosco, when selecting a pool builder, one of the most crucial factors to examine is how the company handles references and testimonials. A reputable pool builder will have a large record of pleased clients, which you may inquire about by calling and asking to view the list. This will allow you to establish whether or not the pool builder is dependable and can give you with specifics about prior work. Also available are the opportunity to speak with their personnel and to read public critiques of their job. This will provide you with a decent indication of the amount of pleasure they can assure you in the future.

It is preferable if a list of pool builders is big enough that you may pick from a selection of five or ten names. A small list will almost certainly be a sign of an inexperienced builder who has had difficulty delivering on his or her promises to previous clients. Make a list of pool builders and phone three or four of them at random to set up a meeting at their offices or at a neighbor’s home after you have compiled a shortlist. This will enable you to see how the pool will appear after it has been built and will also allow you to chat with the homeowners who will be participating in the project.

Keith Kosco pointed out that the level of craftsmanship should be of high caliber. Inquire for references so that you may compare the outcomes. Inquire about any difficulties that the builder encountered and how he dealt with them. Good recommendations will be forthright, so inquire as to whether the builder was able to match their requirements. They should be able to offer you with references that demonstrate that the pool was built in a professional way. One of the most critical questions to ask is if the pool builder hires subcontractors or completes the job in-house.

Your selections may have an impact on the final design. Others who love rustic backyard oasis designs, for example, are outnumbered by those who want sleek, contemporary designs that include the newest technologies. Whatever your aesthetic preferences are, you should be able to locate a pool builder that can help you realize your vision. Make certain that the builder you hire has expertise with one-of-a-kind projects and that he or she can turn your concept into a reality. If you like cooking, an outdoor kitchen or grilling area is likely to be your top priority when designing your outdoor space.

In addition to asking for references, you should inquire about the builder’s background. You can find out whether he has been in company for at least five years by checking his website. Additionally, you should inquire as to whether or not he has lately modified his permissions. In addition, you should inquire as to whether he has workers’ compensation insurance for his staff. The builder should be well-versed in your area’s building codes and contractors, among other things. You should seek elsewhere if he does not have any of these characteristics.

Keith Kosco disclosed, it’s crucial to have a regular routine. As construction of a swimming pool needs heavy equipment and a significant amount of manpower, you should inquire of your pool builder about the estimated time frame for completion of the project. Keep in mind that having expectations that are not met may cause a great deal of stress. By establishing expectations, you may be comfortable that everything has been well considered. You may also expect the builder to provide maintenance services once the project is completed to keep it looking lovely. Additionally, while selecting a builder, be certain to inquire about his work ethic.

The most typical difficulties with freshly built swimming pools may be traced back to the fact that the pool builder was chosen incorrectly. Finding the appropriate contractor requires the ability to screen out scam artists and snake-oil salespeople, which may be difficult to do. Bad builders may use untrained subcontractors and offer pool ideas without ever having seen the backyard in question. A firm that does not have a physical location or has a bad track record should be avoided. You may want to think about hiring a pool builder that can back up their work with a guarantee or a warranty.