Best Inshore Fishing Reels

Keith Kosco

May 11, 2022

Keith Kosco

According to Keith Kosco, for the best inshore fishing, look for clear water with a clear tide. This type of water is ideal for sight fishing, and can be a great place to hook a large predatory redfish. The sun will warm the water, and the water clarity is ideal for sight fishing. In addition to water clarity, look for weeds, rock piles, or other structures that may help you see the fish. A great bait for sight fishing is shrimp, crab, or mullet.


While sit-in kayaks offer more working space than traditional kayaks, they also have a smaller load capacity of 450 pounds. These are perfect for paddling in bays, lakes, and slow rivers. These models feature a flat deck and fully cushioned seats for maximum comfort and stability. You’ll be able to haul your gear in your kayak with ease, as you’ll always have a secure place to put your fishing tackle.

For those who prefer paddle-driven kayaks, Kaku’s Mirage Outback is a great option. Its wide cockpit allows for plenty of maneuverability, and its Vantage CTW seat is adjustable in four ways. While it doesn’t have thigh pads, it does provide stability and ample leverage to reel in your catch. It also performs well in moderately choppy waters.

Ugly Stik rods

Keith Kosco believes that, the Inshore Select series is the perfect choice for inshore fishing, with a higher graphite content than most other inshore rods. This means that the Ugly Stik Inshore Select is much lighter, while still providing excellent sensitivity.  You can even order a customized rod online from a retailer.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik rods are made in Taiwan, China, and Korea. Their components are durable and designed for long-lasting use. In addition to lightweight designs, the Ugly Stik line has several heavy models. If you are not into spooky baits, you can also choose a light, medium, or heavy Ugly Stik rod. These are ideal for fishing in shallow water, so you won’t have to worry about tangling or snags.

Daiwa Saltist Back Bay LT spinning reel

Keith Kosco described that, the Saltist Back Bay LT spinning reel from DAIWA is set to become the new standard for inshore fishing light tackle reels. This reel features a revolutionary HARDBODYZ design that uses an aluminum metal alloy to deliver maximum strength at minimal weight. It is also lightweight and offers a smooth 7-bearing (6+1) system with instant anti-reverse and impressive drag performance.

The Daiwa Saltist Back Bay LS spinning reel is made to handle both smaller and larger inshore fish. It has a durable all-aluminum body and a carbon fiber stacked drag system to keep the reel running smoothly. The Saltist Back Bay LT spinning reel is also a lot of fun to fish!

Daiwa Calico Jack inshore rod

The Hurricane Calico Jack inshore fishing rod is an ultra-lightweight option for small freshwater bass and inshore saltwater species. Its lightweight design and premium Fuji guides will keep you comfortable while casting and catching fish. The long split cork handle provides plenty of territory to maintain a firm grip and allows you to easily tie on lures. Its action is also ideal for half-weight moulds, weighing up to 3/4 oz.

These rods are ideal for bass and tarpon fishing and feature corrosion-control guides. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that a light-weight rod is the only way to go.

Daiwa Calico Jack

In Keith Kosco’s opinion, the Calico Jack is one of the best inshore fishing reels on the market. Its flawless taper, superior backbone, and ultra-responsive tips will help you land big fish. Its Fuji components give it sensitivity is unmatched. This is a perfect choice for catching a variety of saltwater fish. But if you’re looking for an even better reel for your money, look no further than the Calico Jack spinning rod series.

Despite being slightly more expensive, the BG SW reel is a good all-around choice for inshore fishing. Its spool features a small hole that prevents rust and allows trapped water to escape. The Daiwa website no longer mentions the material of the gear. While machined aluminum is better, it’s still the industry standard for reels under $300.

Hurricane Calico Jack

If you love fishing, the Hurricane Calico Jack Inshore Spinning Rod is an excellent choice. It provides both pliability and mightiness while still remaining a cost-effective option. Hurricane has been a leading fishing brand for several years, and this model maintains this tradition by offering consumers quality and affordable prices. Here are some of the features you should look for when buying a Hurricane Calico Jack. They’re: